Simply Listen was a fun project, and the first full CD out of Puget Sound. We made the album we wanted to make, and true to form, a lot of styles were mixed and matched. It was even pretty successful for a local indie release.  Tony King, Ethan Newman, Ashley Norton and Jay Allan were my co-conspirators, and Chad Banning put together another amazing CD cover.  I'm really glad we were able to capture what was a great couple of years with a great band on this album.



1.   Pieces

2.   In Limbo

3.   Far Enough

4.   Watchpot

5.   Happy New Year

6.   Set Sail

7.   Simply Listen

8.   Let Me In (Knock Knock)

9.   False Gravity

10. Signed Heather

11. Conversations with the Moon

12. Reality Check

13. Fishing For



Possibly my favorite Jay Allan song.  Everything really came together on this one.  I doubletracked a Gibson ED1275 in 2 octaves for the rhythm parts, and the solo was my Tyler through a mesa boogie v-twin.  I really lucked out with the unique lead tone that comes in at 2:55, the weird feedback gave it an unearthly, alien quality that captured the mood of the song.



What a fun tune this was!  Lead guitar was a 1978 Ibanez AM305 through a MusicMan RD-50. Check the drum outro. 



Goes well with a grape based beverage of your choice.



If any song is movie ready, it's this one.  The lyrics are so well done, kudos again to Jay Allan.  I was originally not going to play any guitar on this and leave it acoustic, but the band convinced me to try some lap steel and some simple chords.  I'm glad I listened to them.


Sometimes your first ideas are the best ones.  The nylon string guitar intro is the same one I improvised the first time we rehearsed the tune.  I had completely forgotten about it until Tony King played the rehearsal tape back to me and said I had to re-learn it note for note since I hadn't played anything better!  Once again, really glad I listened to my bandmates as it seems to frame the song nicely.