"Don't Quit Your Day Job" was recorded on a Tascam eight track reel to reel in my basement studio in  between 1990 and 1997. It's actually held up decently considering it's advanced age. It took Kenny Williams and I about 7 years to complete, but we both had families and lives that diverted our attention from time to time.  When we started the project, Ken's landscaping business was a pickup truck with a lawnmower.  Now he owns about half of upstate New York.  Good thing he didn't quit his day job.


Track Listing:

1. Dont Have Your Beard

2. Lets Go for a Ride

3. Where I Belong

4. Rollin' On

5. First Things First

6. Tractor Song

7. Little Wing

8. Runaround

9. Industrial

10. Yesteryears

11. Don't Quit Your Day Job



Since nothing comes close to the original, we took a different approach to the Hendrix classic.  Kenny did a great job making each chorus build, with some cool polyrhythms on the last verse.  


My son was about 4 when I cut this track, and he used to complain a lot about my 5 o'clock shadow.



Once again, I asked my then 4 year old son for a song title, and "Tractor Song" got the nod.  One of my first solo acoustic guitar pieces using alternate tuning.  Just don't ask which one, because there's no way I can remember. Future project - relearn.



This was one of my favorite songs from the record, a ballad with a simple melody and nice builds. We lucked out with a killer snare sound - we added a little Roland trigger along with the mic'd snare and it really worked for this track.   



This was the very last track we did for this record.  It's a pretty rocking tune, but I had it mastered at a different studio than the rest of the record, so it's a tad louder and brighter than everything else on the CD.  Just wanted to see if everyone was awake...