Latest additions to the acoustic arsenal, these are really cool instruments, and I'm having a blast trying to play them.  The concert uke tracked beautifully on the yet unnamed - but finished - banjo tune. Next piece will feature the two ukes, mandolin and fretless bass.  

Banjo tune, check.  Led Zeppelin Foursticks, check.  Two new tunes featuring fretless guitar, check.

Here's the latest addition to the acoustic arsenal, a White Mountain banjo (  These are handcrafted locally, and a great deal for a hand carved, high quality banjo.  This one is cherry with african zebra wood accents and a whyte laydie tone ring. The first solo piece is written, now comes the fun part of practice, practice, practice so I can record it in one take.    

After a 12 month writing hiatus, the new solo project is underway.   Just to keep things interesting, we're going to see if the whole  album can be done without an electric guitar.  We may be pushing that a bit with a couple of the instruments, but it will be more acoustic than most of the old MTV "Unplugged" episodes. Three songs are done, two originals and a cover of Zep's "Four Sticks".  Here's the cast of characters for the Zep tune, check out the Star Trek issue Dulcimer, a pawn shop rescue.  The U87 and American D4T combo was killer on Dobro.







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